Why Is the Bible So Boring?

How many times while reading the Bible did you ask yourself, »Why is the Bible so boring?«

Don’t worry about having a difficult time understanding the Bible. I assure you that you’re not alone.

why is the bible so boring

Why Is the Bible So Boring? – 3 Reasons

Three  main reasons, why the Bible is, in my opinion, hard to read and seems boring and unintelligible are as follows:

1. The Bible is an extensive and challenging book that differs from all of the other books. It consists of several scriptures, that are very different in the scope, purpose, and content. Therefore we must read them in a different way compared to the rest of the literature.

2. The Bible was put together in thousands of years. It was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and ancient Greek language. It was meant for the people of that time. Expression in those languages is much different from today’s so it’s quite difficult to understand it.

3. The writers were inspired by God.  As the God turned to a human in the Bible, he had to use the human language. The said language can’t accurately express and understand that God is like.

7 Tips For Better Understanding Of the Bible

Techniques and methods for reading the Bible are different. Described below is a way of reading that is closest to me personally. With it, I managed to make the reading of the Bible not boring anymore.

  1. Pick up the Bible every day

Why is the bible so boringDedicate at least a small amount of time to reading the Bible every day. Adjust the length of the passage according to the time you’ll spend reading.

If you decide to read the Holy Scripture 20 minutes every day, you will be done reading through in a year. Read more here.


  1. Pray

pray to the holy spiritBefore reading pray to the Holy Spirit for the proper understanding of the passage and to God for a blessing.

  1. Discover the purpose of the passage

why-is-bible-so-boringDiscover the purpose of the book, from which you’re reading the passage. You must know if it comes from the New or Old Testament.

Is it a history book, wisdom book, letter to an individual or to a certain church…? Read the title of the book and look through the paragraphs before and after the passage, you’ll be reading.

  1. Read the passage multiple times

Read the bible First, discover its meaning and then look for the details. Try to understand, which message God is trying to give you through the passage.

What does it mean for you? Is it pointing out a certain mistake you made or a disadvantage, you have to change?

  1. Choose a paragraph, that spoke to you the most

bibleWrite down the paragraph or a word, that spoke to you the most. Learn it by heart and repeat it all day.

  1. Acknowledgements

prayingThank God for the things he showed to you in the passage and ask for God’s help to make the necessary changes.

  1. Share and live

share and live the bibleShare the things you discovered in the Bible. Talk about what you read to the people close to you. Try to live in the way that the passage taught you.

Do you think reading the Bible will still be boring with an approach like this?


The Bible contains many strong messages that can change your life, you just have to use it right. The most important thing is, to have the Bible in the reach of your palm all the time. Having multiple copies is not unnecessary as well.

The Bible shouldn’t simply be a bookshelf decoration. It must become a learning tool, where you underline things, make notes, write things down…

Buying a Bible is an investment, which will certainly pay off. There are more than 450 Bible translations into English.  Most popular Catholic Bible translations are:

All of listed  Catholic Bible translations are approved by Church authority.

Your comments and remarks are very welcome.

6 Replies to “Why Is the Bible So Boring?”

  1. Thank you for this post, Igor.

    I cannot count the number of times that I’ve asked myself why the Bible was boring. Why do many of us prefer to read a thriller or fashion magazine instead of taking the time to read God’s word? Was it simply because we were so sinful that we didn’t want to understand God’s words?

    I’ve read all the approaches that you mentioned and will try to apply these. While I believe that the New Testament might not be boring if these approaches are applied, I don’t know whether this might work for the Old Testament. I’ve always found the teachings in the Old Testament to be so difficult to apply in our era. Do you have any specific recommendations or advice on how to read the Old Testament?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you find my article useful. Reading the Bible is like praying. For both we need do make some efforts. Additionally, we must be prepared for “spiritual battle”. You are probably familiar with excuses like “this is so boring”, “I don’t  have a time”, “I feel dry”, “I get distracted” … Yes, Evil is here very active. This is the main reason why we prefer to take secular and even yellow news instead of reading and studying the Bible.

      You are right. Old Testament is much more difficult to understand. My first recommendation is to take a lecture or course about Bible. I’m sure you can find something in your local church or parish. 

      How to apply teachings in Old Testament in our lives?  The Old Testament is about history of a people; the New Testament focus is on a Person.So, tray to apply this fact when reading the Scripture and imagine:

      – people of Israel are YOU; 

      -adversaries, other nations are YOUR IMMORAL AND BAD DESIRES AND SINS;

      war, battle, violence are your SPIRITUAL FIGHT against your bad habits and desired;

      – military victory, destroying are your PERSONAL VICTORY in spiritual war against Evil. 

      This approach helps me understand Old Testament better.

      God bless you


  2. As a Bible-believing Christian, I don’t find the Bible boring because it is the inspired Word of God and to me it’s alive and active because it’s the Holy Spirit speaking.

    But I agree with your reasons why many Christians find the Bible to be boring. Because it was written in ancient times (especially the OT), many Bible readers cannot relate to it and that’s where Hermeneutics or the science and art of biblical interpretation comes in.

    We need to study the cultural and historical settings of the Bible in order to have a better grasp of what God wants to tell us. Some say they don’t need to as the Holy Spirit will just guide us and reveals to us what we need to know. But I believe this is not the proper way to look at it. We study the Bible in its historical and cultural context in order to fully grasp what the Holy Spirit has inspired the authors of the Bible to write. Because wrong interpretation will lead to wrong application.

    And yes, we must read the Bible daily, pray for understanding but most of all we must apply what God is teaching us in His word. Thank you for this article, God bless you!

    1. Hi Alice

      I agree with you: we need to study the cultural environment of the time Bible was written and shared among people. This is the first step to better understanding the Bible and to avoid wrong interpretations as well.

      In the article was mentioned the Bible was written for the people of that time. I should  more stress the necessity  to study the cultural and historical context.

      Thank you for your remarks and God bless you.


  3. Thanks for your tips!
    The best gift I have ever received in my life was a bible, It was in december 1998. First I wouldn’t understand it and then it would be said in a language that I understood.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all tell us the same story, but from four different viewpoints and to four different audiences( depending on the language they speak). Each Gospel is told from the point of view of a different person. But without prayers, we can’t fully understand the bible. Prayers help immensely, they open our eyes and we discover that all the things desirable to man are contained in the bible. It’s really the best gift one can offer to the loved ones!
    Mary Jo

    1. Hi Mary Jo

      I am glad you like my tips on how to better understand the Bible. Yes, the Bible is one of the most beautiful gifts Christian believers can receive from loved ones. The Bible is useful also for non-believers. It is one of the oldest books, written by 40 writers, over a span of 1500 years. Many Historians and Archaeologists have confirmed its authenticity. By reading the Bible we can widen our cultural horizons. (Read more in the article Is the Bible a History Book?)  

      But we can not forget the Bible is a primarily moral book written to teach us what is right and good and to lead us to the Jesus Christ.  


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