Who Was St. Christopher – Patron Saint of Travelers?

St.  Christopher is probably most favored and one of the most enigmatic Catholic patron. So, it is not easy to answer Who was st. Christopher. Even though he is considered a saint, officially he is not a saint in Church canon of  saints.

Who was st. Christopher-patron saint of travelers

Who was st. Christopher ?

He’s listed like a martyr, possibly named Reprobus, who passed away underneath the Roman Emperor Decius, in 251 AD. Most Catholics make reference to him as Saint Christopher anyway, and the devotions and medals are signs in Catholicism.

St. Christopher is one of the fourteen intercessors in the emergency. He is worshiped and venerated by Catholic Church and by the Eastern Orthodox Church as well.

Besides his listing like a martyr, there aren’t any principal sources writing about St. Christopher, only legends.

St. Christopher’s legends

st. Christopher
St. Christopher statue

His name surrounds many legends as his extraordinary figure has also grown from a legend. People had a lot of confidence towards the power of intercession of St. Christopher. He was an intercessor against calamity. People believed, that simply looking at his image in the morning meant not dying a sudden death that day. Due to that belief, his image in a supernatural size was often placed on the outside of the church, so people could look at him directly from their house’s windows.

St. Christopher is pictured holding a large tree, as a legend says, that his stick grew into a tree, which he planted into the ground. That symbolically means the growth of a gospel that he preached on the island Samos, where he died a martyr’s death.

Here, he was most often pictured as a giant, who carried God’s child on his shoulders across a river. When he once carried the child across some rushing water, the baby was becoming heavier and heavier so he barely had the strength to bring him across. Christopher reluctantly said: »You are heavy like I am carrying the whole world.« It was the Christ, who replied: »You’re not carrying just the world, but also the one, who created it.« Thus he pushed the giant under the water and baptized him by the name of Christopher.

The name “Christopher” means Christ-bearer and could allude towards this legend.

St. Christopher is a  Patron Saint of travelers

Due to this legend, Christopher was chosen as a patron who the traveling. Those used to be boatmen and rafters, porters and drivers, pilgrims and travelers and in the modern time’s pilots and motorists. For this reason, we can spot his image in many vehicles.

Drivers place St. Christopher image on their dashboards, have St. Christopher medal key chains in their pockets, or put them to sun visors to continue to keep him close and also to safeguard them. Many travelers wear St. Christopher medals around their necks.

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         Prayer to st. Christopher

car accidentAccording to the statistics, about 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year. That means an average 3,287 deaths every single day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled yearly.

Due to these frightening data, we should turn to st. Christopher when we sit down in the vehicle and ask him to protect us.

In my family, we get used to praying to St. Christopher always when we start traveling.  We recite at least short prayer:  St Christopher – pray for us.

Bellow, you can found two very widespread and popular prayer to st. Christopher – the Patron Saint of travelers:

saint christopher prayer       St. Christopher prayer

I am sure, there are many other prayers to St. Christopher. Please share them with us in a comments section below.

6 Replies to “Who Was St. Christopher – Patron Saint of Travelers?”

  1. Your article answered a question I had after I received a St Christopher necklace as a present before travelling round the world. I have to admit, I had never heard of St Christopher before and wasn’t really sure of the significance!

    I wore the necklace as I wanted to feel like I was being kept safe and when I finally got home, I took it off and actually tried to find out more about St Christopher.

    Your article has enlightened me, thank you!

    1. Hi Louise

      Thank you for visiting my website. Nice you found the article informative. I am sure St Christopher – patron saint of travellers and drivers will protect you also in the future.

      God bless you.


  2. Really interesting to found out about the life of St. Christopher and how he became known as the ‘travelling saint’.

    I really like the two prayers you shared in this post. I pray the first one most often.

    I try and say it especially before long journeys and have a medallion hanging from my rear-view mirror.

    There have been many times in my life when I had a few ‘close calls’ and countless other times I know God’s been protecting me.

  3. Hello to the family,

    Thanks for inviting me to visit your page of Catholic gifts!

    St. Christopher patron Saint of travelers, is a very important saint and a lot of prayers are dedicated to him.

    His name is a composition of two Greek words;

    Forao = to bear
    Christos = the anointed


    I studied Greek and one of my hobbies is etymology.

    It is important to display the saints if you have to promote Cristian gifts. A lot of people carries a saint picture as protection.

    It was a pleasure to comment this page!



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