What does the Bible say about Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a very important part of salvation and the life of every Christian as well. The Bible is brimming with messages about forgiveness. In the article, I will focus on forgiveness to each other. So, what does the Bible say about forgiveness?


We are not perfect people

Have you ever trusted someone so much that you felt your life was safe in their hands, but they turned back to do something that pisses you off so much that you feel you would be at loggerheads with them forever?

Yes, this can happen to any of us, even the most saintly Christian, but we are not without admonition in things like this because they are matters of the heart. As we journey in life, there are bound to be offenses against our hearts, and because of this, we must understand the terrain of the world with great understanding.

FORGIVENESSThe people of the earth are not perfect people, and even though we as Christians have received salvation from the Lord, yet perfection is yet to come in its fullness to us because of this present world. The present world is a place of offense and imperfection where unrighteousness is the order of the day, and if maturity is to be proved in us, then we need to be less surprised when we see an offensive stunt of betrayal being pulled by another person.

Indeed, in Christianity, forgiveness is a spiritual obligation that may look difficult to adhere to especially from the view of the layman or the unlearned in things of the Lord, but it is not impossible.

Forgiveness and the Lord’s Prayer

Our _Father_PrayerOne of the scriptures that is very loud about we forgive others can be seen in what we normally call the Lord’s Prayer. It says that, ‘‘and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors, (Matthew 6:12, NRSV-CE). This means that the measure with which you forgive others is equivalent to how God will forgive you.

How many times should we forgive in a day?

That sounds scary because no one wants to be in God’s judgment book. And in another place, the Lord said, ‘‘I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.,’’ (Matthew 18:22, NRSV-CE). This words came from Jesus to Simon Peter when Peter asked how many times he should forgive his brother or sister in a day.

This is not to make life difficult, but Jesus used these teachings to show the richness of the mercy of God to us, that is, God is readily available to forgive us every time we trespass, so also, as children of God, we must be ready to emulate Him, so that it will be rightly said that we have the same DNA of God in us.

Finally, hurts are a matter of the heart, and forgiveness is a key recipe to amend a broken spirit. Forgiveness brings inner healing, and when inner healing takes place, the countenance or cheerfulness of someone is made better and brighter.

But refusing to forgive hides hatred in our hearts which is not only detrimental to us spiritually, but is also able to manifest from the appearance of our faces that we are not in good mood. When we forgive, then we let go off past misdeeds which is able to bring us peace and brightness in our spirits, and that is why the scripture says, ‘‘ A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart, the spirit is broken ’’ (Proverbs 15:13, NRSV-CE).

Forgiveness is not only an integral part of salvation but an essential part of the life of Jesus followers. Forgiveness is a demonstration of love, mercy, and grace. It is a choice to not hold something against someone else, regardless of what he or she has done to you.

Read and utilize Bible verses which help you take steps towards a right relationship with others by accepting and offering forgiveness:
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