The Parable of the Lost Coin: Moral Lessons

In today’s article, we shall be looking at a beautiful parable of Jesus’ teaching in Luke 15: 8-10 which is known by all as the parable of the lost coin. This parable, though stated in only three verses has a lot of moral lessons for the readers to pick from.

Parable-of-the-Lost-Coin- Moral-Lessons

Jesus taught the parable of the lost coin to the people who listened to Him; the parable is about a woman who has ten coins, but one of the coins got lost, and she got a lamp, swept her house and searched carefully for the missing coin until she finds it, and after finding it she rejoiced greatly, together with her neighbors, (Luke 15:8-10).

The parable is beyond the story told by Christ. Many Christians have read this part of the Bible over and over again but do not understand what God really wants them to understand the story. Many other Christians have read this part of the Bible and have a different understanding of what the parable is portraying to us.

The lost coin brought joy in heaven

god in heavenThe coin that is found in this parable represents us, human being. We are that one sinner found and caused the heaven to rejoice. God so much cares about his people specifically when sinners come to him. If he doesn’t care so much about us, it wouldn’t be recorded in the Bible about the joy that exudes in heaven when a sinner repents. Heaven is a place of joy and that joy increases every time a sinner repents of his sins.

God cares for our spiritual well-being and because the angels care too, they rejoice when we receive the gift of salvation. There is a great emphasis in the Bible about the joy that takes place in heaven when a sinner repents.

What happens when God loses a coin?

lost coinAs mentioned earlier, the coin in this parable represents us. The woman in the parable lost one out of the ten coins she had. The coins must have been very precious, probably worth the daily wage of a worker in today’s times. If she had about a hundred coins, maybe she wouldn’t have noticed, but one out ten, she was ready to go all the way to search for it.

Fortunately, we have a father that notices everything that gets lost. Whether he has a thousand coins, a million coins or a billion coins, God goes all the way out to search for the one coin that gets missing.

God accept youAll of this is to show how precious a sinner is to God. You are precious to God. And even if you are one out of a million and you are not in his kingdom, God is aware. It hurts him when sinners are devoid of the understanding that they can easily come to him irrespective of the mistakes they may have made. He is ever ready and willing to accept a lost soul back.

If you acknowledge him and find your way back to him then it gladdens his heart and this is the joy that radiates in heaven as mentioned in the parable.

Who is this woman?

Why did Jesus refer to the owner of the coin as a woman? Why didn’t he attribute it to a man? There should be a real significance in referencing a woman in this parable or don’t you think so?

Christ and womenThe woman is a representation of Christ, the representation of the church. In the New Testament, you will notice that the church is often represented by a female. The church is represented as a virgin, a bride, or as the wife of the lamb.

The Lord seeks the lost coin through you and me. He constantly seeks sinners through the believers, through the people of God and through the church.

Brought out of the dust

The woman searched for her lost coin by sweeping the corners of her room. She didn’t just start the sweeping from where she felt she lost the coin. She swept the whole place. In this vein, every dust in the room is swept off and the dust which covered the coin was cleaned when it was found.

This is exactly what happens when the Gospel of the Lord comes in contact with a person; it sweeps out all dust that has covered the person making him clean again.

Responding to Gods salvation

We must understand that salvation is open to everyone but not everyone gets saved. The difference here is repentance. Many people have had the call to salvation but they are not ready to repent of their evil ways. For a sinner to be saved, he must repent of all sins with a heart of sincerity.

Take note that, the coin must have turned dark when it got lost as a result of the dust that covered it, but it responded to touch as soon as the broom touched it. A tingling sound was made which made it noticeable to the woman.

lost manThis tingling of the coin corresponds to the response of man to the Gospel. Response to the Gospel is what repentance is all about. We cannot make ourselves clean but we can respond when the Gospel is presented to us. This way, God sees a genuine heart ready to be saved and he comes to the rescue.

Moral lessons of the parable of the lost coin

In conclusion, the parable explains the character of God to us. It explains how God looks at a lost human being – a sinner, and how he calls on them through the propagation of the Gospel by the woman-the church. God has a compassionate heart towards the sinner.

The lost one was part of the people under the Lord’s care before, but after getting lost, he became a sinner, yet the Lord did not forget about him or give up on him, but searched for him till he was found, and being found, he was returned to the original position with the rest of the people of God, and there is a great joy in the midst of the Lord’s kingdom. This means that the lost one repented of his sinful ways and agreed to come back into the midst of God’s people again.

The lesson learned here is that the Lord is merciful and loving and He places a high value on us, not wishing that any of His house should get lost forever unto perdition, but He makes effort to get back anyone who backslides. If the Lord won’t do anything to get the backslider back, nothing will happen, but He is kind-hearted, and He loves us with a love we ourselves can’t understand, and that is why many of us are able to be part of God’s kingdom today.

If the Lord had refused to release Jesus to die for us, we would have been the coin that is lost forever, having no hope of reconciliation; but thanks be to God that He searched for us, convinced us to be part of Him again.

Finally, it is good to listen to the voice of God whenever He teaches; so that we won’t be deceived by an alien voice to become lost again in darkness.

My prayer is, by God’s grace, may we learn to be compassionate towards all those who are lost in this world, that we may find grace to propagate the Gospel to all corners of the earth so that there may be more joy in heaven.






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  1. Hi Tina
    You explained the parable of the lost coin in a very understandable way. I agree the lesson learned in the parable is that God is loving and merciful. The Lord gave a hint about the meaning of the parable, for He said, ‘‘there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents,’’ (Luke 15:10). This means that the owner of the coins in the parable is the Lord, and the ten coins are people of God, while the one that got lost represents the one that got lost in the world of sin.
    I would like to add one more remark here. A close look at the coins which the woman possesses showed that the coins are not ordinary coins. They are silver coins, which means that they are precious and of high value, as it could be seen in other places in the scriptures such as Haggai 2:8, for the Lord was talking about the glory of His house, and He declared that He is the owner of gold and silver. This means that silver is part of a treasure that brings glory.

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