The Meaning of Numbers in the Bible

the meaning of numbers in the bible


Within today’s article I am going to be discussing very interesting topic. I am going to be explaining you what is the spiritual significance and meaning of numbers in the Bible.
God has a reason for creating all that he created. There is a plan and purpose for even the minutest thing you can ever imagine. Everything used in the Bible has its own connotation. As minute as we perceive numbers to be, they have their significance in the Bible and even in the world.

Many Christians do not understand that the numbers used in the Bible have their own spiritual significance. The consistency by which some numbers are used shows that these numbers are not just mere numbers but they are numbers with symbolic representations.

There is a great definition in the application of many of these numbers. Christians should note that there is far more in the scriptures that can be understood in a man’s lifetime. My desire for us as we go through this article is for God to help our understanding to be able to discern the truth which God has ordained that these numbers should signify.

The Number 2

This number is often used in association with a faithful witness, that is, one being in agreement with another (Numbers 35:30). It also represents unity and division. Animals associate in pairs and were made to enter the ark in two’s (Genesis 7:9). Two people often work together in companionship.

The Number 3

It is a natural analogy for a Christian to associate the number 3 with the Trinity; God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19, 1st Peter 1:2). This number is also associated with some of God’s mighty acts. In Exodus 19:11, The Lord planned to come down on the 3rd day at Mount Sinai to give his law to his people.

Other significance of the number 3 was when Jonah was delivered from the belle of the shark and Christ was also raised from the dead on the 3rd day. Also, we should remember that at the Calvary, were 3 crosses, and lots more.

The Number 4

This number is one of the symbols of completion in the Bible. There were four rivers which flowed out of the Garden of Eden and there are also four corners of the earth from whence the 4 winds blow from. Rev 7:1. The history of the universe from the beginning of the Babylonian empire cuts across 4 kingdoms. (Daniel 2:7). Furthermore, there are four Gospels and at the time when the Gospel was propagated to the Gentiles, Peter saw sheet let down by its 4 corners in a vision.

The Number 5 and Number 10

These numbers and their multiples were used as a decimal system in Palestine. In the Old Testament, 10 patriarchs were mentioned before the flood. Also in the Old Testament, the Egyptians were struck with 10 plagues and there is also, the 10 commandments. The tithe is represented by one-tenth, Malachi 3:10. The woman by the well had 5 husbands (John 4:18) and the feeding of the 5000 had 5 loaves.

There are 10 powers mentioned in the scriptures which cannot separate the believer from the love of God and there are also 10 sins which can easily exclude one from the kingdom of God. The number 10 as a whole signifies completeness.

The Number 6

In the story of creation, God created man and woman on the 6th day. It is allotted to man to labor for only 6 days (Exodus 23:12). In the Old Testament, a Hebrew servant had to serve for a total of 6 years before regaining his freedom. This number is therefore closely linked with man.

The Number 7

This number is sacred and associated with completion, fulfillment and perfection. In the story of the creation, God rested from his work on the 7th day which gave rise to man’s refrain from work on the 7th day. Also, the feast of unleavened bread and the feast of tabernacles lasted 7 days. Numbers 29:12, Exodus 12:15-19). Elijah’s servant looked for rain for 7 times a day, the psalmist praised God 7 times a day, the early church had seven deacons (Acts 6:3). There were 7 basketfuls collected after the miraculous feeding of the multitude and many more.

The Number 8

In the New Testament, the Bible records in 1st Peter 3: 20 that there were 8 people that were saved in the ark of Noah. The circumcision of a male child also took place on the 8th day.

The Number 12

The Hebrew year was divided into 12 months, the days divided into 12 hours. Israel had 12 sins (Genesis 35:22-27) and we also have 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus Christ also appointed 12 apostles to work with him.

The Number 40

This number is linked with almost every new development in the history of Gods great acts especially in the areas of salvation. Example, the period of the Flood, the redemption of Gods people from Egypt, the coming of Jesus Christ and the birth of the church. There are many more acts mentioned in the Bible such as Israel’s wandering in the wilderness (Exodus 16:35), the reigns of Saul, David and Solomon and the desolation of Egypt (Ezekiel 29:11).

The Number 70

This number is mostly connected with God’s administration of the world. The world was repopulated through the 70 descendants of Noah after the flood (Gen 10). Seventhy (70) elders were appointed to help Moses in the administration of affairs in Israel when they were in the wilderness (Numbers 11:16). The people of Judah spent 70 years on exile in Babylon, Jesus sent out the Seventy (Luke 10:1); and he also preached forgiveness seventy times seven (Matthew 18:22).

The Number 666

This number represents the number of the beast in Revelation 13:18. There are many interpretations of this number. I am not superstitious but I avoid this number

To get other meanings of these numbers, you can study more of the Bible.

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