Song of Solomon – Summary

The Song of Solomon is not an ordinary story. It is not like any of the romance novels you pick from a bookstore. It is a collection of love poetry from the depth of the heart of the writer.

Song of Solomon – Introduction

Song-of Solomon Summary

Loving, poetic and romantic verses

The Song of Solomon also known as the Song of Songs celebrates a union of a man and a woman. This book is one of the most loving, poetic and romantic book found in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Majority of the love songs in ancient Hebrew times were written by Solomon which could be ascribed to the large number of wives and concubines he had. He must have had different passionate lyrics for each of them; don’t you think so?

In Song of Solomon, it shouldn’t just be seen as a love story from King Solomon to his wives but we should have an understanding of Jesus behind this composition. In this, Jesus is the husband who loves his bride.

Who wrote the book?

King SolomonThe Song of Solomon derived its name from the Hebrew Name, Shiyr Hashirim meaning “songs of songs”, the Greek name being Asma Asmaton authored by the great love composer himself, Solomon written approximately 1014 BC. The theme is based on the beauty of love.

Song of Solomon derives its title from the first verse of the book, directly mentioning the originator of the song. The continuous use of the word “song” stipulates that the writer regarded this as “the greatest of all songs.” This construction can also be found in other notable biblical phrases: King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Holy of Holies, to mention a few.

Due to the mention of King Solomon’s name throughout the book, (1:5; 3:7, 9, 11; 8:11–12). The title was coined. It was written during his reign as the king of Israel.

Song of Solomons – Summary

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The Song of Songs is a series of lyrical poems well arranged as a very long dialogue between a young man and his lover. Third party or chorus highlighted in the composition signifies the lover.

The first part of the poem is spoken by the very young maiden who yearns to be with her lover, mostly to enjoy his kisses. She describes her complexion as dark because she works in the vineyards. This serves as a motivation to her as she searches for her lover, compares him to a shepherd traveling aimlessly from place to place, and the chorus persuades her to follow the flocks to his tent.

At the tent, lovers both lie on couch and man praises her beauty comparing her to a young mare and her eyes as a doves eyes.

He describes the bright and fertile surroundings. The maiden compares herself to a rose and a lily, covered by the shade of her lover, a fruit tree. She compares her beloved to a slender antelope that arrives to take her away to a promised land. She brags about her man pasturing his flock among her lilies. However, she warns the daughter of Jerusalem not to fall in love too early as seen in   2:7:

The maiden boasts that the man now pastures his flocks of sheep among her lilies. She warns other women, “the daughters of Jerusalem,” not to fall in love too early (2:7).

She dreams of her lover while in bed. She finds herself searching for her lover in the dream, finds him and she saw him take her home. She imagines herself in a lavish wedding ceremony where her bridegroom appears as King Solomon. The man continuously compares each part of her body to that of beautiful animals and precious objects.

He calls out to her to descend from the mountaintop to be with him. With extreme craving, he characterizes her as a garden fountain, with a great flow of water streaming down from Lebanon, 4:15.

The maiden beckons to the wind to blow on her garden and invites the man over. The man feasts in the garden and invites friends to celebrate with both of them.

Song of Songs

She sleeps again and had another dream. This time, the maiden heard her lover knocking on her door late one night, but suddenly, he disappeared. Again, she went out in search of him, roamed the streets, but this time, she was accosted by the city guards.

She called on the “daughters of Jerusalem” to help her locate her lover.  She was asked to give a description of her lover and she compared each part of his body to beautiful animals, precious jewels, and metals.

Song of SalamonEventually, they were both united in the garden. Again, the man praised every part of his lover’s body. He beckons on her to dance and compared her dance steps to that of a palm tree with breasts like fruit. She invites her lover to the fields with the reassurance of her undying love among the blossoming vineyards. She wished her lover were her brother so that people would not pry into their affair. She compels him to line the edges of his heart with her love. She reflected on her chastity and now glad she lost it peacefully to the man of her heart.

The man says that, though King Solomon had many vineyards (his numerous wives and concubines), he is happy with the one vineyard he has, which is the maiden.

Conclusively, the early Christian scholar alleges that this love story is the love of God towards mankind.

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