Living faith – 7 tips

Catholicism is not only the religion but also a lifestyle.  Here are 7 tips how to live your life as a Catholic, how to nourish and grow your faith and finally how to change your life for better and save your soul.

1. Celebrate the Sacraments

holy communionThe first step on your way toward better and more peaceful life is connected with the sacraments. You are strongly urged to attend Holy Eucharist at least every Sunday and on Order Days and to confess your sins once a month.

The grace and divine gifts you will receive through these two sacraments help you in your way to spiritual maturity. You are going to live more peaceful with yourself and with the others.

2. Read the Bible

God himself it is thebible author of Sacred Scripture. For this reason, it is said to be inspired and to teach without error those truths which are necessary for your salvation. Reading the Bible daily is very important to stay connected to God.

Read the article Why we need to read and study the Bible and discover more about a necessity to pick up the Holy Scripture daily.

3. Read the Catholic books

biblesOne of the best ways to dive deeper into learning more about your faith is through Catholic books and media. Make time to reading spiritual books, because this is one of the most effective ways to grow as a Catholic.

We strongly recommend you, to begin with, more entertainment books.  Recognize the lives of famous Saints could be the good start in your effort to transfer your life.

4.Pray regularly

If you really want to transfer your life you shprayould pray regularly. What God wants from you is a
relationship with you. Catholic prayer is the personal and living relationship between you and your Heavenly Father. Prayer means talking to God, so talk and chat with Him as much as you can.

5. Make Pilgrimages

medjugorje pilgrimageWhen you would like to improve your life you should escape from the normal routine time to time. The best way to “recharging the spiritual battery” is to attend spiritual exercise or make a pilgrimage. The quality of your life would be higher if you will spend your holiday making a journey to a sacred place.

6. Decorate your home with Holy images

holy imagesHoly images/icons/statues/ proclaim the same Gospel message that Sacred Scripture communicates by the word and they help to awaken and nourish the faith of believers.

Decorating your personal living space with religious artwork, images, and statues of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and Saints is an external sign of who you are and wonderful visual reminders of faith and beauty.

7. Establish in your home Catholic custom and tradition

The Catholiccatholic tradition faith is full of rich customs, traditions, and devotions in a liturgical sense and to everyday life as well. Most of them are the part of local culture. You can find them in every liturgical season, as a daily routine or family activities.



What do you think about our tips?  We know, our list is not complete. The fact is that we cannot reach spiritual maturity automatically. We must make an effort to stay in touch with our God and grow as a Catholic.

If you have any offers on how we live our faith you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  We would love to hear all about it!

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