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If you want to change your life for better you should pray regularly and read the Catholic books.

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Recognize the lives of Saints could be the good start in your effort to transfer your life. Today I am preparing for you an overview of the very interesting book issued by Ignatius Press publishing house.


Book of All Saints

author Adrienne von Speyr
Adrienne von Speyr

Author: Adrienne von Speyr

Publisher: Ignatius Press

Pages: 448


  • Paperback,
  • Hardcover,
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Pages: 448

Size:  6 inches (15,2 cm)  x 9 inches (22,9 cm)


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The Book of All Saints is a wonderful gift to the Church because it shows us how the saints pray and because it invites us – by contagion, as it were – to pray ourselves.
– Hans Urs von Balthasar


The abundant harvest of graces hidden in this theological mission for our times still waits to be more fully carried into the storehouses of the Church for whom she was sent. Now, however, a century after her birth, there is many signs to indicate that the moment of her “reawakening” is at hand!
– Jacques Servais, S.J., Director, Casa Balthasar, Rome

I strongly recommend visiting wwww.amazon.com.  Here you can read more comprehensive comments and reviews.


The Book of All Saint is both, the book of prayer and the book of Saints as well. This spiritual work is the results of common cooperation between the author Adrienne von Speyr, well-known mystics and spiritual writers and her spiritual director and confessor Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar.

When  Adrienne von Speyr was in a state of mystical prayer, she would see the saints (and other devout people as Mozart, Beethoven …) at prayer. What she had seen she dictated to Fr. von Balthasar.

Besides the Book of All Saints,  her most important works are  Confession, The World of Prayer, Handmaid of the Lord, and The Passion from Within.

With a charism of visions, she was in the position to put herself in the place of many people to see and explain their prayer and their relationship with God.

This book provides short portraits of dense remarks about the prayer and interior life of many people. Some of them are great saints; Other are less known. Few of them probably you have not ever heard. Surprisingly, she provides portraits of the prayer and spiritual life of famous figures like Shakespeare and Michelangelo.

The Book of All Saints offers particular mystical insights to the prayer experience of more than 260 individuals.

Reading this spiritual work, you find out how various saints and devout people prayed. Additionally, you are able to participate in the spiritual and devotional life of the Church through the centuries. You will recognize saints and other devotional individuals from every historical period of the Church history period, including:

  • Apostolic time (Marc, Matthew, Luke, John, Mary Magdalen …)
  • Early Church  (Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp…)
  • Latin Church Fathers (Cecilia, Monica, Augustine, Patrick…)
  • Greek Church Fathers  (Clemen of Alexandria, Antony of Egipt, Athanasius…)
  • Early Middle Age (Boniface, Bernard, Gregory VII…)
  • High Middle Age (Francis of Assisi, Dominic, Antony of Padua, Thomas Aquinas …)
  • Later Middle Age  (Catherine of Siena, Joan of Arc, Bridget)
  • Renaissance (Thomas More, Pius V, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Ignatius Loyola…)
  • Baroque (Margaret Mary Alacoque, Francis de Sales …)
  • 18th century (Benedict XIV, Alphonsus Liquori, Franz Joseph Haydn, Mozart…)
  • 19th century (Goethe, Beethoven, Bernardete, Don Bosco…)
  • 20th century (Edit Stein, Pius X, Pius XI …)

My recommendation:

Book of All Saints is one of the easiest to read of all Ms. Speyr’s work. It is more the book of prayer than the book of saints. It teaches you how to pray like saints. Reading and learning how saints pray help you improve your prayer life and level of spiritual maturity. For this reason is worth to take this wonderful spiritual book in your hand and read it.  And once you have read it, read it again.

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