Gift ideas

Are any of your relatives or friends going to celebrate a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Wedding or other significant life events?

Are you looking for appropriate products to decorate your home?

Do you want to gift your loved ones with a special gift, that will change their life?

If you answered to at least one of the above questions with YES, then you’re on the right web page.

On the websites Best Catholic gifts you can, with the help of our partners, choose between devotional pictures, icons, statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints, rosaries, crosses, and crucifixes, religious jewellery, different monasteries products and other items that will remind you and your loved ones of your own roots, traditions, and habits.

Religious products

Relcatholic giftigious objects are not ordinary gifts. With Catholic gifts, you can change someone’s life. They help form even tighter friendships, consolidate one’s marriage and ultimately save someone’s soul. As a Catholic or Christian, you can show your loyalty and values that you live by. They are a great idea as gifts when celebrating sacraments, birthdays or other memorable life events.

Gift Ideas for different occasions

What to choose for the gift depends on the recipient (women, man, children, adult), events (graduation, sacraments..). Gifts also differ depending on the time through the liturgical year (Christmas, Advent, Easter) and special occasions (Valentina Day, Mother’s  Day, Father‘s Day).

An example – sacraments

When we talk about sacraments, we must know their essence and true religious meaning. Through tradition different symbols have formed, that represent a particular religious event. Let us list just a few examples.

first communion giftIf you’re looking for a gift, to give to someone celebrating the first communion, you must know that the symbols of the said event are a chalice, grapes, wheat, and bread. The colour, that symbolizes this sacrament is white.


On the other hcommunion giftand, the colour typical for confirmation is red. The main symbols are the dove and fire flame.

Wondering why those symbols? You can read about it in our posts.


Do not worry

But even so, you shouldn’t be worried about choosing the catholic gift. In the case of not knowing you can also turn to us or our website.

We have enough experience with items that have artistic value, such as icons or holy pictures, so we can help you when choosing.