Books & Media

Books are appropriate gifts for weddings, birthdays when celebrating sacraments and on other occasions. When you don’t have any ideas of what to gift to your loved ones, you can always decide on buying books. Today, when classical books are slowly losing their primacy as media, we also have e-books, CD’s,  DVD’s and other electronic media.

A good book should decorate your bookshelves. You can even buy them for yourself and your soul. There’s nothing better and more relaxing than reading a good book. Catholic books played an important role in the history of the written word. Today, books with religious content carry on the tradition and maintain the mission of proclaiming the good news. Reading a good religious book can mean relaxation. Additionally, they can help you discover the religion even more and with spiritual growth.

Must have Catholic books

Any Catholic should read religious books to discover and maintain the religions. The choice really is big, so it might be hard to choose between everything, that is offered. But between all of them, we can point out the Holy Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and different books, that describe the lives of the most known saints.

1. Holy Bible

No matter the time, technology and development the fact that still stands is, that a person must read the holy bible to find the right path, the truth, and a full life. Our posts will help you better discover the Holy Bible. You will learn to read and properly understand it.holy bible

2. The Lives of Saints

Many scholars of the Catholic faith say, that we must know how the saints lived if we want the conversion and to know Jesus. Their lives, virtues, encountered problems and how they defeated them inspire you to battle your own problems.
There are many books and movies about the lives of saints. They show us with their lives how to live for our lives to be fuller and happier.

3. Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church represents a more “boring” literature to read. But even due to that fact, every Catholic should know it as it contains all the teachings of the Catholic religions. Even here you can turn to us for help. In the posts on this page, you can find simplified interpretations of the said teachings.


There are thousands of books and other media available, that help you discover everything that you might want to know about your religion, traditions, customs, and ways of the known theologians of the modern era.